Catering Services

DSC_0554Dinner Party with friends
For that special occasion or just any day of the week.  Let us prepare, serve and clean, all in the comfort of your own home.  This is one of our most favorite catering services we offer.  It really allows us to get to know each client on a personal level and build relationships.

DSC_2588Cocktail Receptions
Served either tray passed or buffet style we accommodate your needs.  Enjoy a specialty cocktail created just for your event.  I love working with fresh ingredients while mixing cocktails.  I feel it really highlights the best flavors within each spirit.

IMG_0527Weekend Getaways 
Looking to get away for the weekend and don’t have time to pack wholesome food for the road?  Let us prepare easy to eat snacks that will kill those roadside cravings. Before moving across country we made healthy road friendly snacks that would help keep us energized while still feeling satisfied.  I am not sure we would have lasted the 5 day journey without it

IMG_0154Healthy Living 
Want to change your eating habits? Table 56 provides services to help.  From shopping and in-house cooking lessons, to drop off ready to eat wholesome meals.  About two years ago I began to watch the food I was putting into my body.  I went through a few programs, but the one that really stuck for me was The Clean Program.  I still use these practices on a daily basis, even if I am not on the cleanse.

Table 56 Catering is a Pittsburgh based company catering to the food and beverage needs of Allegheny County. Our goal is to provide healthy, simple from the heart cooking from our home to yours. We offer catering , personal chef and event planning services.